Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How Music Positively Affects Early Childhood Education

Singing lessons in early childhood education have long been utilized by teachers. Not ‘singing lessons’ in terms of learning how to sing, but as a vehicle for teaching and learning a concept. We know that song makes things easier to remember because it connects facts to long-term memory. And that’s also why singing is always a part of early childhood MUSIC lesson plans.
But did you know that group singing is therapeutic and makes people happy? It’s actually a proven scientific fact. Here’s a link to the actual study.
While the study was done in 2005, it really didn’t become part of the public consciousness until Time magazine published an article on the benefits of group singing in 2013:
Early childhood education benefits from music teachers who use this approach whether it’s in a classroom or a choir setting. And the benefits are amplified when this approach is used in low income schools, special needs settings or in response to a devastating event within a school community. If you are a music teacher in any of those three situations, please consider adding group singing to you music lesson plans even if there is no possibility of having the students perform. The act of singing together is what matters.

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