Saturday, January 14, 2017

How Music Class with a Special Needs Student Will Benefit ALL Students in the Classroom

When a student with special needs becomes transitions into classes with the regular student population, there are many anxieties they bring with them that are often overlooked. One of the beautiful things about music education is that music class offers students a safe space to emotionally and physically enjoy the arts. This often gets lost in the speed of the school day but when I stop to think specifically about the positives, I think about how the student WITHOUT special needs is benefiting from these new peer-to-peer relationships. In her book "I Don't Want to Go!", Delores Connors is addressing those anxieties through the story of a child who is going to the special education classroom for their first time. 

Delores, what has been your experience with public school special education? 

"I am fortunate to have had a positive experience with special education in public schools.  Today there are a lot of inclusive programs.  Special education students are blending more into the mainstream curriculum, and that is wonderful."

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